About Us

Maple Photos is run by Kay Goddard LRPS and Bill Cotton. Both are qualified photographers with diverse photographic interests and abilities, both at the capture stage and afterwards at the processing and presenting stages.
Bill is responsible for the lion's share of the 'people' studio work, whereas Kay concentrates on the location and animal portrait photography - although she is always on hand in the studio too - enjoying the opportunity to play with children, she says! (Well she knows she did all those Early Years qualifications for a reason!!)
They work as a team to bring you a complete photo experience, with image making, processing and printing all done in-house.
Kay holds a DBS certificate.

Kay Goddard LRPS

Kay has been taking photos for most of her life, starting at age 7, with a small film point and shoot camera and available wildlife subjects. She became more interested in the craft whilst taking art qualifications at college and spent her first magical hours in a darkroom. She was hooked and her enthusiasm for all things photographic has never diminished!
Kay qualified as a photographer over 25 years ago, and originally specialised in animal portraiture, working with film, with a preference for black & white images, something she still loves.
Canine photography has a special place in her life, beginning when she owned a very complicated German Shepherd dog who was phobic about anything being a barrier between herself and Kay, creating the problem of no photos! Learning canine behaviour became a necessity and they overcame some of the issues poor Holley had. Working with her own dog meant Kay met lots of other pet owners - there was a common thread - they all wanted lovely photos of their four legged friends, so the story began. Kay is also qualified canine behaviourist and has a natural affinity with dogs; evident in the images she produces. She prefers using natural light, photographing dogs enjoying themselves outdoors, but will take to the studio when her clients ask her to!
"One of my influences is Dorothea Lange... The quote below sums me up perfectly!"

Kay’s passion for animals, wildlife and nature is evident in her personal photographs, and when she has some time off, she loves to get out and photograph wilderness and wildlife alike.

Kay is an experienced film and digital SLR user with a wealth of experience in both field techniques and teaching. She taught Photography and Imaging (both traditional and digital) for City & Guilds at both Level 1 and 2 for over 14 years.
She is behind a lot of our print designs, and does the lions share of our print customers photo editing, including hand montaging for multi-image prints. Kay's other love of fabrics and sewing has enabled us to print edge to edge cushions that she then makes to order.

Some years ago, Kay joined forces with Will Barton to run Inspired Light Images, concentrating on introducing new photographers to the wonders of the craft, and encouraging individuals to explore their photographic potential.
She is a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society and a member of the Institute for Learning.

Bill Cotton

Bill has a natural talent for lighting a subject to bring out their best features.
Bill's love of dramatic images, inspired by the early Hollywood and fashion photographers, is evident in the images he makes. He loves the avant garde and the quirky effects he can produce with studio lighting and is always on the lookout for the unusual in an image.
Modest, with a sense of fun, he is happiest when in a photographic studio, capturing moments to treasure.
When he is photographing outdoors, give him a horizon that is clear and he can make the most of wide sweeping landscapes...especially on the tops of mountains! (must be all the flying and skiing!)

Bill is the driving force behind Maple Photos printing services. He has a real love of the unusual and strives to bring that to the presentation of images - passing this on to our customers.
Bill has always had an interest in photographic printing and this has led to developing the Dye-Sublimation printing facilities that Maple Photos now offer. He loves our Chromo-Aluminium print options! He works tirelessly when researching new products and options for customers.
He has been working on large scale aluminium multi-panelled images, combining his love of fine printing and urban photography.